Marissa Nadler

marissa nadler

Self-titled, 2011 (Box Of Cedar)

Tracklist: In Your Lair, Bear / Alabaster Queen / The Sun Always Reminds Me Of You
Mr. John Lee Revisited / Baby I Will Leave You In The Morning / Puppet Master
Wind Up Doll / Wedding / Little King / In A Magazine / Daisy, Where Did You Go?
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All songs written by Marissa Nadler *
Produced by Brian McTear
Engineered and mixed by Brian McTear and Jonathan Low
Recorded at Miner Street Recordings, Philadelphia, PA.
Mastered by Paul Hammond and Paul Sinclair at Fat City, Blue Bell, PA.
Cover Art- Collage by Ryan Walsh. Layout by Marissa Nadler and Ryan Walsh.

Marissa Nadler- acoustic guitar, vocals
Jim Callan- pedal steel
Orion Rigel Dommisse- rhodes, synth, vocals
Helena Espvall- cello
Ben McConnell- drums, percussion
Brian McTear- cymbal swells, drums, percussion
Carter Tanton- electric guitar, vibraphone, synth bass, bass, vocals, tambourine
*Puppet Master written by Marissa Nadler/ Carter Tanton