Before July- 2014 (Sacred Bones, Bella Union) 

Dead City Emily (demo)
1923 (demo) 
Leave the Light On (demo) 
The Rose City (demo)

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This is a collection of unreleased songs and demos that were recorded leading up to the release of July.


Vocals- Marissa Nadler
Recorded and produced by Mike Fiore (Faces on Film). All instrumentation by Mike Fiore. Original song by Elliott Smith. 

Dead City Emily: 
12 string guitar, vocals, recording by Marissa Nadler 

1923 (demo): 
Guitar, vocals- Marissa Nadler
la clavietta, organ, drums and percussion, bass guitar
Production/engineering by Tim Wright. 

Leave the Light On (Demo): 
Guitar, vocals, recording by Marissa Nadler 

The Rose City (Demo): 
Guitar, vocals, recordings by Marissa Nadler