Marissa Nadler

marissa nadler

Ballads of Living and Dying- 2003 (Eclipse)

Fifty Five Falls/ Hay Tantos Muertos * / Stallions / Undertaker/ Box Of Cedar
Bird Song / Mayflower May / Days Of Rum / Virginia / Annabel Lee**/ Door Slam***
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Recorded and mixed by Myles Baer.
Produced by Myles Baer and Marissa Nadler.
Cover photography by Myles Baer. Layout by Marissa Nadler.
All songs written by Marissa Nadler except *Hay Tantos Muertos – words of Pablo Neruda and **Annabel Lee- words of Edgar Allen Poe

Marissa Nadler- guitar, vocals, keyboards
Myles Baer- accordion, backing vocals, electric guitar
Kendra Flowers- harmony vocals  on “Box Of Cedar”
***song appeared on reissue of album by record label Mexican Summer