Select Guest Vocals: 

2016: Okkervil River – (several songs)  Away- to be released in September

2016: Ben Watt- Fever Dream- “New Year Of Grace”

2015: Lushlife- Ritualize- “Intergration Loop” (Western Vinyl)

2013: Emily Jane White – Blood Lines – “Faster than the devil”, “Dandelion Daze” (Talitres)

2013: Case Studies – This Is Another Life – “Villain” (Sacred Bones)

2012: Hallelujah the Hills- no one knows what happens next 

2011: Cloud Seeding – Ink Jar

2011: Carter Tanton – Free Clouds- “Fake Pretend” (Western Vinyl)

2010: Xasthur- Portal of Sorrow 

2010: Sailors With Wax Wings- Sailors With Wax Wings (Angel Oven)


2010: Angel Olsen, on “My Dreams Have Withered and Died” and “Frisco Depot”